Compaq SCSI Controller (NCR 53c710) is not recognized?

Compaq SCSI Controller (NCR 53c710) is not recognized?

Post by Arthur O L Bucion » Tue, 23 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to install an Compaq Prosignia VS (496 DX2 66) and it has no
IDE controller...
only a SCSI controller with an HD 2GB and a CDROM.  The system BIOS
recognizes the
controller as Compaq proprietary, the system board has a chip from NCR
and the model
is 53c710. I think NCR is supported by Linux but Linux setup won't find
the controller...
Is there anything I can do about it, like boot arguments?  IO address is
0x8000, irq is 10.
I appreciate any help! Thanks in advance



1. Linux / Compaq ProSignia VS / NCR 53c710 embedded SCSI controller

I have a prosignia 500 with 53c710 too and slackware 3.4 works great without

any strange problems. The scsi is recognized 53c7xx,8xx and the network card
is lance 32 network
card.It is a good pc different than the proliant that a lot of prblems with
linux.BTW the prosignia series is fully functional with linux.IF i recompile

the kernel with pci otpitmization all the non correted kernel report are
gone away, and i used to start the scsinet.s file from sunsite.The kernel is




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