Hard Disk cylinders & fdsik

Hard Disk cylinders & fdsik

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Im trying to install linux from a cd rom.
Every   ng goes well in the install untill I get to FDISK.

As soon as I type fdisk, a message apperars telling me that my hard
drive has 1223 cylinders and it may not work well when booting and
further in the configuration.

Now here is my O/S.
486 33 MHZ
640 MB hard disk seagate st3630 ( I think)
CMOS Is AMI with a standard ide controller.
No software has been set up on the hard disk to overcome the 540 MB
CMOS barier.

Is it because of the cmos barier that Im having this trouble.  if so,
how do I overcome it?

Please respond via email only to

Thanks very much


G. Graham


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I am having a bit of trouble with the second ESDI hard disk in my
linux machine.  It was previously used to hold OS/2 (i think) and
fdisk reports it to have 1747 cylinders.  Whenever I start up fdisk
with the /dev/hdb parameter it comes up with a warning about being
unreliable.  Also when i try to run mke2fs with the -c option, for
checking,  on it, it takes a VERY long time.  A matter of over six
hours for less then 200 MB.  If I format without the -c option and
then try and mount the drives with the fstab option it falls over
everytime, taking ages to try and correct it self.

Having played around with fdisk i see that it says you can alter the
number of cylinders in expert mode, but I have had no success with
this.  Can some please tell me if there is a way of fixing this
problem ??

I am using Slackware 3 with kernel 1.2.13

Any help would be appreciated,

Will Macdonald

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