Adaptec 2920 and RedHat 4.1

Adaptec 2920 and RedHat 4.1

Post by Aaron Wei » Thu, 12 Jun 1997 04:00:00


I am trying to move from Slackware to Redhat for various reasons.  I am
having trouble getting the RedHat install to see the scsi cd-rom
connected to my Adaptec 2920 (which is actually a Future Domain 16xx).
I select the correct option (FD 16xx) in the scsi selection, RedHat
begins to scan the scsi bus (the access light comes on the cd-rom), then
abruptly fails with the following messages:

"Mount Failed - Invalid Argument"

"I could not mount a CD on device /dev/scd0"

What is wrong?  Is there some arguements I need to attach to the FD 16xx
module?  I am puzzled..

BTW, the card and cd-rom work perfectly in Slackware 3.1...

Aaron Weis
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