WINS ... how to setup?

WINS ... how to setup?

Post by dbp » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

As far as I know, WINS use to show the computer name in a network, but I
cannot find a document that give details on how to setup WINS with
samba, where can I find one? thx!



1. Win and Win Setup under OSE 3.0

: I started up Open Server 3.0 today, to test out some new software, and found
: two icons, one labled Win and the other Win-setup.  When I double clicked Win,
: a Merge session started, but aburptly exited for some reason.  What was it
: trying to do???  I haven't taken time to read the appropriate manuals cover to
: cover yet...

Win starts MS-windows 3.1 -- after you've installed it with win-setup.


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