Cannot mount HD with AHA29 ad Segate HD

Cannot mount HD with AHA29 ad Segate HD

Post by Kinsley Wo » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

      I just downloaded the new kernals for the AHA2940 and the colornew.gz
 and made the boot and root disk and it saw my SCSI and HD and I was finally
able to run fdisk.  I went ahead and made my 3 partition.  Then I tried to
make file system mke2fs -c /dev/sda2 .... but I got into a repeating
message trying to access my SCSI card and it kept on going till finally
I had to shut down the computer and start again.  Also I tried to run the
setup program but when it reaches the install section and start to install
it say to mount my parition and has an error message can not find /etc/fstab
Do anyone know how to fix these problems.  BTW I have a pentium 120
with 80mb ram diamond 2001 graphics card, nec 6x external cdrom and a 3c595
ethernet card and a seagate HD.  


1. HD Problem...Is it possible to fix HD to be able to mount it?

        Sorry to the trouble the net, but I know it has to be possible to
solve my problem.  SCO support tells me it is not possible, but I think
they mean it is going to take a lot of work.  AN there is not way to know
how much I may be able to recover.  I know there has to be a way.  I lost
my primary root hard disk because of a power related failure that got
through the UPS.  The drive was toast and the power failure also destroyed
my tape backup unit.  I know I should use the backups, but the two units
I have borrowed from others are not able to read my tapes.  I would like
to be able to fixed the disks and mount them.  I am using ODT 3.0 with a
EAFS file system.

        I have placed a new drive in the system and it is now working.  In
the past I could just add the various devices by hand with mknod and mount
them.  I am able to accesss the entire hard disks with dd and the nodes I
created with mknod.   When I try to mount them I get unknown file system
type and then

mount: cannot stat '/dev/disk1' where disk1 is the node I made.  

        I am able to dd the contents of the entire disk.  There has to
be a way to fix the information!!  I need to mount them.   They are 1.8GB
and 400MB.  This is and ODT 3.0 system.  What can I do to be able to mount
these drives.  I know this may take a lot of work.  Could someone point me
to where to look to get the information to fix and mount these drives.  
        My only other back up was lost in a Release 5 upgrade that went
bad.  I am willing to spend what ever time I need to to get this working  
any ideas.



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