Problem with S3 virge X server after upgrade to 64 megs RAM.

Problem with S3 virge X server after upgrade to 64 megs RAM.

Post by Paul Monagha » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I have been running a RedHat 5.0 system for around a week now, it was
about time that I upgraded my RedHat 4.1 system that I have been running
for the past year and a half.  Anyways I have a problem with a recent
hardware upgrade...

I just installed two 32 meg LGS SDRAM in my FIC PA-2007 motherboard. The
system was running fine lastnight, this morrning I went through some
bizzare problems.  While running Netscape this morning, Netscape crashed
and could not be restarted.  I exited X and then X wouldn't restart
either, no settings for the video card were changed.  After a little
messing around I received the following error when trying to start X.

(--) S3V: videoram usage reduced to 3200k to avoid co-ord overflow

Is it possible that my S3 Virge and my 64 megs RAM are conflicting in
some way?  I installed the SVGA server and things started to work again,
but I have no idea why.

Anyone have any ideas?

My config is as follows just in case this helps:

Cyrix 6x86MX PR-200
FIC PA-2007 1meg L2 cache (bios 1.09CD12)
ASUS SC-875 Fast/Wide SCSI Adaptor
4 Gig Micropolis AV SCSI-2 Narror HD
2.2 Gig Quantum Atlas II Fast/Wide HD
S3 Virge 4 meg
SMC Ultra Network card.


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