Segmentation Fault errors

Segmentation Fault errors

Post by John D. Alle » Fri, 29 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I've seen this type of message posted sevarl times, but of course when I get the error, none are
to be seen!

I have loaded up slackware 2.3, then loaded linux 1.3.20, then XFree86 3.1.2 and now when I try
to run just about any program, I get a "Segentation Error" back. I assume that my libraries are
somehow messed up and would appreciate some pointers on what to look for to correct the problem.


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1. Segmentation Fault Error Signal 11 Core dumped message.

Periodically getting Segmentation Fault Error - Signal 11 Core Dumped.
Usually occurs during network activity or intense processor load.
Currently P133 / 15 GB Drive/ 96 MB Ram / 3com 3c900TPO 10 mb NIC / ISA
VGA Card. Reinstalled 4.0 kernel GENERIC running sendmail httpd and the
other basics, still happening. Can't determine whether it is hardware or
software.  Only motherboard not changed yet and only running in text
mode ( no X ).  Specifc TTY freezes when this happens although others
seem to work fine. Man pages don't offer obvious help. Any help would be

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