Menu buttons in Fvwm-95 - pixmaps don't fit

Menu buttons in Fvwm-95 - pixmaps don't fit

Post by Kevin Mart » Mon, 05 May 1997 04:00:00

I'm running TheNextLevel on top of Fvwm -- it's the Win95 lookalike
that is also the default X window manager for RedHat 4.x.  Not bad,
but there's one leeetle thing; the buttons in the individual window title
bars are displaying only about three-quarters of the pixmaps they're
supposed to.  And if I check my .FVWM95-errors log, I see this message
repeated over and over:

  Fvwm-95: in function ButtonStyle: <<ERROR>> Warning: XPM file isn't the
  right size

Any tips on where to find pixmaps that ARE the right size, or how to
convince fvwm that it should like the existing ones?  If I do get better
button pictures, can someone save me a half-hour of blundering around
by telling me where they go?

Or shall I just say "The heck with it!" and switch to AfterStep, which
I am beginning to like a whole lot better anyway?  :-)  It has its own
problems with pixmaps, but that's another post.