help on install slackware 2.3 cdrom

help on install slackware 2.3 cdrom

Post by gary valmai » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I am not new to computers, but I am new to Linux.  So be gentle.<g>

The computer is a 486dx50 clone, with 32mb memory, tty/mono monitor
(don't ask).  IDE controller.  Disks are both WD. Master (340mb)/slaved
(212mb). No DOS/Windoze/Unix/xxx/xxx anything else, just going to do

I have Slackware 2.3 on cd-rom (it came with the book kind). I have made
several attempts to install it directly from the cdrom (creative 2x with
controller card (card can do creative or sony... set for creative) addr
250h).  Linux does not recognise/find the rom with any of the methods I

It errors out when I attempt to define which type cd is attached.  On
all of them.  I have created boot disks using bare, scsi, idecd(?),
etc.  None work.

However, during the boot process I can see where it finds the hard disks
(2 - hda and hdb), no scsi devices, the floppies, etc.  It does not find
anything call hdc.

I have tried entering various commands (found in other postings) at the
LILO prompt and at the command prompt to no avail.

After reading the manual again and several postings here, I am beginning
to get the impression that Linux cannot be install _directly_ from the
cd.  That it has to be copied to the hard disk and then installed.

Right?  Wrong?

Can someone explain what is the best way to install from the cd?  

As in step A, step B, etc.

It may be unseemly to beg, but.....


gary valmain


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