HELP! Install RedHat 4.1

HELP! Install RedHat 4.1

Post by Jim Dav » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00

I am having a terrible time installing RedHat 4.1 from CD-Rom.  My
first installation went ok, but I thought I should have more
partitons.  I used Partition Magic to delete the partitions, and made
new partitions with PM as 'Unformatted'.  I reinstalled, and  after
selecting the System Components and Individual Packages  it went
thought the installation process and then I got a message:  RPM
install of <filename> failed.  There were 191 failed messages.  So the
next reinstall I used the rescue disk and went to FDISK and deleted
the partitions and made new partitions.  Reinstalled-- same results.
Next install I went into FDISK through the install program--same

 I thought perhaps after messing with the partitions so much, that
maybe a reformat of this disk (1.2gb), so with Partition Magic, I
deleted all partitions, and made one FAT partition on the drive.  Went
to DOS and formatted D: with the /u switch.  Tried to install  again,
and same results.  I'm about ready to use RedHat CDRom as a frisby.

One strange thing.. When I first received the box from RedHat, I
copied the Boot Diskette and Supplemental Diskette through the Windows
Explorer Copy Disk, and it worked ok.  I thought perhaps the copy of
the Boot Disket was corrupted some way, so tried to copy another copy,
and Windows Explorer would not make copy.  Tried to copy from DOS, and
that would not work either.  So-- why did it work the first time only.

Anyway the last time after reformatting the Linux drive, I used the
original Boot disk.  As mentioned above, the install failed.

I have read and re-read the RH Linux User's Guide and can not see
where I have missed anything, but it is possible that I have.

My system is P100, WD HD 2.2gb for Win95 and WD HD1.2gb for Linux.
Have 16mb ram and of course CDROM and Sound.

I would be greatly thankful if someone would have an answer for me on
this problem.  I don't know where to go from here.  Thanks in advance.


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