Doom won't run

Doom won't run

Post by Tim Hollebee » Wed, 01 Jan 1997 04:00:00

When starting Doom, I get to the title screen, but it quits very
quickly with a "Broken pipe" error associated with VGA.  Video
chip is a s3 ViRGE, which is unrecognized.  Any way to get around


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After many false starts, and some glaring inconsistencies between the
Linux CD-ROM & book I picked up at Borders and the Linux HOWTO guides on
the Internet, I actually finally got Linux to book off of my PC - with
4megs ram and an 80meg hard drive! Yes, it does fit, but that 12meg swap
space is a killer! :-) I got an old PC running, and it's a Frankenstein,
until I am *sure* I'm into Linux, and want to invest in the good upgrades.

Anyway, the best way for *me* (this isn't correct for everyone, just me)
to learn a new OS is to jump in, and try to get the games running. I'm
tring to get sdoom to run properly, but it keeps locking up my machine. As
soon as the first screen comes up, I press return-return-return (return 3
times) per the doc in /usr/games/doom README, but that doesn't seem to fix
everything. I have actually gotten the games to run about 5 seconds into
the first scenario, but sooner or later (usually sooner), the hard drive
just gives up, and the entire computer locks up.

Is there a minimum *real* ram minimum or hard drive minimum for DOOM? I am
running 4megs real, 12megs swap partition, and a 64meg Linux partition
(80megs - 5megs DOS - 12megs swap parition). Does DOOM require 8megs+
*real* ram. I notice that the hard drive just about beats itself to death
trying to start the games. The one time I actually got into the first
scenario, it would move/hard-disk-access, move/hard-disk-access, etc. It
locked up right after the hard disk stopped being accessed (I think after
I picked up the first 'body armor').

Any ideas? The OS seems to boot up fine, and I can run basic stuff. It's
slow as a dog, but I wouldn't expect less with 4megs real ram. :)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Steve B.


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