Problems installing Linux on IBM Thinkpad 360CSe

Problems installing Linux on IBM Thinkpad 360CSe

Post by Robert Abo » Sun, 10 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I am trying to install Linux on my Thinkpad and I am having the following

I make the boot diskettes from a CD-ROM using kernal rev 1.2.1 bare and
color144 file images and the following happens:

This is what Linux displays:

garbage removed to the boot prompt:


I enter ramdisk hd=914,15,49  ; this is required for Thinkpad HDs (340 size)

The next prompt is this:

VFS: Insert ramdisk floppy and press ENTER

I press ENTER                 ; whats a ramdisk floppy?

Linux responds back:

VFS: Disk change detected on device 2/28
VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER

I insert the color144 floppy and press ENTER.

Linux responds:

VFS: Disk change detected on device 2/28
Kernal panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:1c

With the exception of thelast two digits of the 02:xx message I get the exact
same results if I use kernal 1.3, bare, scsi, net, scsinet, and root files
color144 and tty144.  I have even replaced diskettes.

Ignoring the hard drive and trying to boot just mounting the floppy drive
resultes in the same error message.

Any ideas what is causing the problems?


Robert Aboud
Member Team OS/2 since 1991
OS/2 BESTeam
OS/2 Champion


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