IBM Thinkpad: APM and IRDA

IBM Thinkpad: APM and IRDA

Post by Olin Shive » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am running Linux 2.0.26 on an IBM 560 Thinkpad. I've got a few questions
(the first being where is the best forum to ask the others -- I'm not
sure comp.os.linux.setup is the best choice):

1. Is there any kind of app, gui or text, that will report on the battery

2. Is there an app that lets you configure the advanced power management

3. Putting the Thinkpad into hibernation mode requires creating an
   invisible suspension DOS file to hold the system image. Can this
   be done in Linux?

4. Is there support for the IRDA transceiver? Are there ways to get
   data to/from Apple Newtons using the IRDA link?



There is a apm x monitor. It shows the battery life left on the
screen. It is called xapm. It may be downloaded from /pub/users/faith/linux  
or /pub/linux/packages/laptops/apm

By the way, cat the file
and all the info is in there.

If you figure out the hibernation mode, let me know. I didn't
even try it. I just use suspend (fn-F4) which works just fine
for me.
jont allen

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