NEWBIE! Please help

NEWBIE! Please help

Post by Rob » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am running Slackware 7. After I use make xconfig, menuconfig, or config. I then run make dep, make clean, make bzImage, bzdisk, or bzlilo(BTW what is the difference between make bzdisk and bzlilo?), make modules, and make modules_install. After that I run setup to configure the new kernel but everytime I try to make setup read the floppy disk it claims it could not find bzimage. Also how can iget the sound working without recompiling the kernel. I have a compaq presario 4764. In windows it claims I have an ESS1888 PnP audiodrive. It is SB and SB Pro compatible. I have tried removing # sign a line in rc.modules but the sound still does not work. I also get an annoying buzzing sound whenever I move the mouse and it gets louder when I remove the # sign in rc.modules.

Thanks in advance


1. Redirect Newbie. Please help me.

I am trying to forward the DNS which is on one of
my BSI servers running apache 1.3.1 to a Lotus Domino database. I
created a .htaccess file that has two redirects in it. The first
redirect is a URL from hell which as you can see redirects the
banner.gif the banner.gif which is stored inside of the database. My
problem is with the second redirect. I want everything else to be
redirected to, but if you
type in it appends the hello to the and tries to go to causing a 404 error.
I don't want it to append the /hello to the end. Is there anyway around

.htaccess file:

Redirect /banner.gif

Redirect /

Please help me!!!

Shaun Honsvick

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