Linux program can't find ifs lib file -- help

Linux program can't find ifs lib file -- help

Post by Ron » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I bought a book called "Linux Complete Command Reference" it came with a CD
and I am trying to install the CD. The reader needed is Adobe Acrobat
I installed it per the install instructions. but when I try to run acrobat,
it complains that it can't find its lib,, its in a directory
just above the acrobat and was put there by the install program. I checked
its permissions and there ok. Now what I am not sure of is the path. do I
need to set some path variable so that acrobat can find its lib?



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I hope you can help out a NEW Linux user in need.  I just got linux and
X-Windows up and running.  I tried to install FElt , and engineering Finite
element program, but ran into problems.
Running "make install" goes fine but trying to run the executable comes
back with:

Can't find
can't find

Infact, most programs I've tried to install give the same message.  Now I
don't know what these files do, but I do know that I have a and a on my harddrive.

Can anyone tell me what the files do and why I don't have them?  I'm
running Slackware linux 3.0.  There is source code for the program, but I
figured I'm already out of my league so that won't do me much good.  The
program's not near as full featured under DOS, so I hope this pans out.

One more stupid question.  What are ELF binaries and why does slackware 3.0
include them?

Thank You and Greatly Appreciated.
Wayne Pilgrim
Product Development Engineer, Edm, AB


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