Is TeraSound A3D Aureal Vortex supported by RH6.1?

Is TeraSound A3D Aureal Vortex supported by RH6.1?

Post by Steven Le » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I've just installed my first linux, but whilst trying to get the sounds to
work, my sndconfig detected the PnP sound card, but returned a message that
it is not supported.

Are there any workarounds, such as manually configuring it.  I've tried
sndconfig --noprobe --noautoconfig to no avail.  The system still does not
allow me to manually configure the IRQs of the soundcard.

Anybody have a clue?



1. Aureal A3d/Vortex?

I recently upgraded my soundcard to an Aureal A3d, mainly for use in
Windows, and I assumed that there would be a driver available to get it
working in Linux.  As of yet I haven't found one.

Is there such a thing?
If not, I assume on is in, is it possible to have it
emulate a generic soundblaster?



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