Which 7200 rpm UltraStar w/Asus P2BLS?

Which 7200 rpm UltraStar w/Asus P2BLS?

Post by Michael Meissne » Mon, 04 Jan 1999 04:00:00

> I want to get a couple of 9.1gb 7200 rpm drives to go with my
> ASUS P2BLS running a 450 PII.  I'll be running mostly RedHat 5.2.
> I lean towards IBM UltraStar - but which one to get? (ES? LP?)
> I'm tempted to throw the drives into their own case for future
> flexibility, and will get some dedicated cooling for them if they
> are known to run hot.  I'm shying away from other drives (and 10,000
> rpm) because I don't want something too noisy.

According to the specs, the 9LP's are faster than the 9ES (on the other hand,
they are more expensive too by about $20).  The seek time on the 9LP is 6.5 ms
vs. 7.5 ms for the 9ES.  The 9LP also has a temperture sensor in it to detect
overheating.  Compared to other 7200 RPM drives, the Ultrastars are supposed to
run cool (I'm trying to order  some 9lp's at the moment) -- you probably want
to get their own case (NECX sells Antec caes for $120 that hold 4 disks, and my
Antec case seems to have real good airflow).  The general recomendation I've
seen is for 7200 and higher disks, buy a 4 element case to hold 2 disks (ie,
leave room between the disks).

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