Setting up two E2112 ethernet cards

Setting up two E2112 ethernet cards

Post by Will McCutche » Mon, 01 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Okay, I'm having some trouble getting two Cabletron E2112 ethernet cards
to work properly under Red Hat 5.1.  They have jumpers on each one to set
the I/O address (which I do have set to different addresses), while the
IRQ is set by the driver.  Here's the ethernet bit of my conf.modules file
so far...

alias eth0 e2100
alias eth1 e2100
options e2100 io=0x220,0x380 irq=10,11

Now, while it's booting, the drivers appear to load fine.  It then uses
DHCP fine for eth0, but fails when it tries to do the same for eth1.  Thus
I can use TCP/IP on eth0, but not on eth1.  This obviously makes eth1
rather useless.  I've torn apart the ethernet HOWTO, and wandered
endlessly around the web, but to no avail.  I know that both cards work,
so I'm pretty sure I'm just missing something or configuring something
wrong.  I've checked all the other things, like cables and link lights and
whatnot.  My theory is that they're trying to share some resource (like an
IRQ or something like that) because when the card that is presently
working (eth0) sends data, not only does its activity light blink, but the
activity light on the other (nonworking) card also blinks.  I'm usually
pretty good with figuring this stuff out, but it's got me stumped right
now.  ANY help that anyone can give me would be immensely appreciated,
because this needs to be a fully-functioning web server by next week!
:o)  Thanks!


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- Thanks!

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