DTC 2278 VLB EIDE controller under linux?

DTC 2278 VLB EIDE controller under linux?

Post by mon.. » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have some problems getting my ATAPI IDE cd-rom to work under linux.
I _think_ I have finally found the problem.  The drive is fully
compatible but the EIDE interface cards I'm using are causing
problems.  The cd-rom came with a secondary IDE controller card but
it needs to be initialized with a dos driver before it "turns on".
After that everything is fine if I soft reboot to linux or os/2.  I
have a DTC 2278 VLB EIDE controller card but am not using the
secondary ports on it because they don't work unless you enable them
with a dos driver _and_ they quit working when I do a soft reboot!  
This is why I'm forced to use the secondary IDE controller that came
with my cd-rom drive.  Does anyone know if linux supports the DTC 2278
VLB EIDE controller to tell it to enable its second IDE port?

Thanks for everything in the past and future!

--Rayfes Mondal


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I bought a DTC 2278EB VLB IDE controller this week for my 486.  I have redhat
4.2 with kernel 2.0.27.  I recompiled the kernel to use the DTC 2278 driver.
Before the recompile the best transfer rate I could get using hdparm was 1.40
MB/s.  With the dtc driver I can get about 3.10 MB/s.  However, when I test the
drive under DOS with DTC's driver and benchmark utils, I get about 6-7 MB/s.

Is DTC's driver doing some magic that dtc2278.c isn't or is the 2.0.27 kernel

I'm supposed to be getting a replacement RH PowerTools 5.0 disk in the mail, so
maybe upgrading might help.


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