MAN pages still don't work in Linux Slackware v.3.0

MAN pages still don't work in Linux Slackware v.3.0

Post by DJGardn » Mon, 26 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I've been following the thread "MAN doesn't work in Slackware 3.0.0"
because I've been having similar problems with Slackware 3.0.0's MAN
pages. The problem with my MAN pages not working, however, goes deeper
than just removing the files from the /usr/man/cat? directories.

When I try, for example, "man cat", I get the following messages:
   Formatting pages, please wait...
   /usr/bin/groff: gtroff: Floating point exception

This makes some sense to me since I've upgraded my 386DX CPU to a 486 with
one of those Evergreen CPU upgrade kits. The motherboard still has the
'387 FPU on it. So it makes sense that the Linux OS may not handle this

I'd like to recompile the kernel or at least GTROFF to use full or partial
FPU emulation but I don't know which file to modify or how. Can anyone
provide this information?

Alternatively, can someone tell me why I am "all wet" in my assumptions
and how to work around this problem.


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Hi all, I just installed the "A" disk set of slackware 3.0 and have the
following problem.  When I do "man ls" (or man whatever) I get:

Formatting page, please wait...
sh: /usr/bin/gtbl: No such file of directory
sh: /usr/bin/groff: No such file or directory
line ?/? (END)

Why am I getting this and how do I make my man pages work normally?


Dan Lewis

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