Newbie question: Reply address woes

Newbie question: Reply address woes

Post by Maury Merki » Tue, 11 Jun 1996 04:00:00

My Linux installation sends out all of my email with a reply address of

Is there any way that I can set my 'reply to' address so that folks who
get email from me can reply without having their email bounce or,
alternatively, without having to manually enter the (correct) address?




1. Newbie Question Reply

I am still a linux newbie myself, but i'm learning from trial and error.  I
first tried a old version of Red Hat 5.2 and found this quite difficult to
install.  This put me off linux for a while, then I tried SUSE Linux 6.2 and
found this a lot better.  I currently use SUSE Linux 7.0 and for the first
time ever it installed without any problems.  i.e. it detected all my
hardware and set it up all for me, not bad for 30.  SUSE linux also comes
with a very good manual that will help you get up and running.  Another very
good source of information is the Linux Documentation Project (you'll find
it on the Internet, cant remember the address off the top of my head), you
will get some very good manuals to download (all for free) done by
volunteers in their spare time.  Also plenty of printed books on linux now,
I find plenty in the book shops in my town.

If you want to run X windows (The Graphical Interface to Linux) you will
need to run it on your first system as I dont think that your second system
will be fast enough, although you could use it as a basic experimental

The only problem I can see that you will have with your first system is that
you have a winmodem which dont usally work with linux as far as I know.  To
get over this problem I would swop the modem with the other system as this
sounds like a standard modem which should work ok with Linux.  I'm pretty
sure your video card will be supported by SUSE Linux 7.0 as it isn't one of
the latest models and most older cards are supported.  You dont specify the
type of scanner you have (USB, SCSI), Linux supports most SCSI scanners but
as far as I know USB scanner support is still experimental.  I think your
printer should be ok as SUSE provides the support for most printers.

I have found the best way to learn Linux is to play with it.  Once you start
to understand how it all works you'll find that you have a much greater
understanding of how the computer works and think that anyone who uses
windows is crazy.

Anymore questions just drop another question on the newsgroup and I'll try
to answer it asap.

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