Can't boot RedHat 4.2 from hardisk.

Can't boot RedHat 4.2 from hardisk.

Post by Torben Je » Sun, 26 Oct 1997 04:00:00

After an apparently successful installation, the system refuses to
boot from the hard disk. The boot log indicates "scsi : 0 hosts", and
a little later a kernel panic occurs because the root file system
can't be mounted.

More info:
The system has 2 hd's + CD-ROM all on an Adaptec 1542-B IDE host
adapter. The 2 hard drives are on ID 0 and 1, the CD-ROM is on ID 2.

I have tried to pass the "basis=0x330" parameter to the scsi driver
during the setup (not using auto probe), but this made no difference.
The Adaptec is using IRQ=11, DMA=5, I/O 0x330-0x333, and the AHA BIOS
is enabled at 0xdc000. I believe these are the standard values here.

The system have previously worked with DOS, Win95, and FreeBSD 2.1.5.

Anyone got any ideas?
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Any ideas???



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