Q: I'd like smail to queue outgoing mails.

Q: I'd like smail to queue outgoing mails.

Post by Thomas Bah » Fri, 06 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi folks.

My lovely problem with smail is still there. Not anybody has replied to my
post in c.o.l.n yet so I'm trying this place...
The problem is that smail returns a mail immediately to the sender if the
host he sent it to is presently down or unreachable. I was told this is
correct as far as the default is concerned.
All I want to do smail now is to queue these outgoing mails for, say,
three days or so and trying to deliver it from time to time. What must I
configure where to get it working ?  I've not succeeded with specifying
retry_interval and retry_duration in /usr/lib/smail/config.

If there is anybody who can give me a hint just e-mail me, please !