telnet to linux Backspace work; rsh xterm Backspace don't work

telnet to linux Backspace work; rsh xterm Backspace don't work

Post by Dirk Hellman » Fri, 05 Mar 1999 04:00:00

   Hi there,
subject say it. If I log into our linux-machine (SUSE 6.0) via telnet or

rlogin I have no problems working with the Backspace and Delete key, but

I see inverted characters if I do an ls -la or an man.

If I do a rsh -n linux.machine -l hl xterm -display ...... -T ....
(what I prefer) I have no problems with inverted character and man
worked all well, BUT the Backspace and Delete key give me an ~

Which*I have to turn, that the Backspace key worked. What I tried
was stty erase '^C' and stty erase '^?' but nothing worked....

any hint...

thanks a lot
Dirk Hellmann


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My backspace key doesn't work(produces cntl chars instead) when entering
the username or password when telneting or ftping to the local machine
from an XTerm. The same is true when entering a search expression with '/'
in a man page. This does not occur if I telnet or ftp from another host
or if I telnet or ftp to the localhost from the console. Rxvt works fine.

Seems like such an isolated issue I'm not sure where one might enter
a modmap or stty command. Anyone know the answer to this I'd really
appreciate it.


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