Printing Graphics Help_please

Printing Graphics Help_please

Post by Joerg Sing » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 18:04:14

Hi there around ,

I've got a little or perhaps a huge problem . ( I'dont know )

I've an HP Deskjet 500C -Printer and now i want to print
graphics, ( Text-Files are ok , no problems with them )
Do I need a spezial insert in my printcap
   (in the Manpages i found nothing)
or can someone tell me  a program which can print graphics.

Please post me




--Joerg  Singer --    



I am using pic(1) and groff(1) to draw map and text. I was
wondering if I could print the text in different orientations.
As far as I know pic(1) allows only horizontal orientation of
text. I would appreciate if someone could suggest a way out.

Please e-mail your reply.

Thanx in advance.


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