Scsi Timeout with Symbios 53c810

Scsi Timeout with Symbios 53c810

Post by Jasmine Davi » Sun, 03 Jun 2001 15:18:48

I am trying to get my system running reliably with a Umax scanner running
with xsane, but
the problem I have is that the scsi card times out too quickly before the
scan is complete. I
have read that the default timeout is set to 10 seconds & for scanning,
it is recommended to raise that to 60 seconds. After reading all I can
find about editing the /usr/source/linux/drivers/scsi/ncr53c8xx.c file &
recompiling to increase the timeout, I do not have this file on my system
so now I am lost.

Is there a way of increasing this timeout on my system (Suse 7.1,
2.4.2-4) & what does it involve? I have already increased the timeout of
the scanner in the device settings of  the scsi bios through the card
setup but this was no

Please is there any help on this?




1. 53C810 SCSI Timeout (SiS chipset motherboard)

 I was forced to replace my motherboard recently and the one I ended up with
is of unknown manufacture, but uses the SiS 5511,5512,5513 chipset.
I installed a 53C810 SCSI controller that had worked fine with Linux in
another motherboard (Opti chipset).
Anyway, I find that I have to place the ABCD interrupt jumper on the SCSI
controller in the D position to get my Zip drive to work in DOS.
irq is 10. I'm still somewhat confused about the CMOS setup for irq
My 1.2.13 kernel complained about an unknown PCI device id=5511. Obviously
having to do with the chipset. I got a pre-compiled (1.3.18 i think) kernel
which somebody informed me would accept that PCI device id.

I'm getting a SCSI timeout during boot. I can't quote the boot info verbatim
because it disappears before I have a chance to record it, but here's what I
can tell you:
SCSI controller is apparently recognized, and is recognized as using irq 10.
After 'test 1', I get, I think :

scsi: 1 host
(something else)
aborting command due to timeout pid 6  (other stuff)
DANGER: command in running list, cannot abort
(something that goes too fast to read)
scsi0:existing issue queue
scsi0:existing issue queue

This last message spews out endlessly , scrolling all other info off the

Can anybody give me any advice? A cure?
Can I fill in any important details I've left out.
I'm very suspicious about the interrupt setup, but as I've said, I've got
things set so that it works under DOS.

Thanks in advance,
-Tim Voght

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