Disk Problems

Disk Problems

Post by Julia » Sun, 11 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I am pasting a copy of my message to RedHat Support.  Mabey one of you folks
can help me out.

---- Body of your request follows ----
State the installation problem:
I have no way to get win98 and redhat to work together.  When I used fdisk
during Redhat install I set it up so that /dev/hda5 is dos, /dev/hda6 is
root, /dev/hda7 is swap.  If I remove win98 and just install redhat it works
fine but I still need to boot from a boot disk(this is not a big deal.)
However I can't install win98 then.  Is there a way to repartition from
within linux?  If so how can I get win98 to work with linux?  When I used
fdisk from within Redhat install to set this partition table up I had it
write to disk.  I then continued with install and it gave me an error that
it could not find the file for partition table.?????
Is the problem a post/pre install question?:
Have you changed anything on your system that may affect the
install/upgrade process?:
I have tryed both win98 and add linux and linux add win98.  Neither will
Have you checked the errata?:
Yes I have the newest boot.img.  I am not having problems seeing my HDD as
6.8 Gb anymore.  Now I just can't get Linux to install past the partition
Have you checked to insure that your hardware is compatible?
Yes it works great with just redhat installed.  I just can't get Win98 and
linux to be on the same HDD.
Have you changed/added hardware to your system?:
No.  Here is what I have.
K6-2 300
Tyan Trinity Motherboard
128 Mb CAS 2 Latency PC100 Sdram
Maxtor 6.8 Gb UDMA Ide HDD
Ricoh MP6200A Cd burner
* Drive 24x cd-rom
1.44 floppy
2 nic's (both read by Redhat and M$ Win98 as Realtek and both configure
S3 Virge PCI 4Mb Video
Generic SB16 Compatible Sound

Win98 runs fine on the system without Redhat
Redhat runs fine on the system without Win98

My HDD is three partitions now.  C: is 2.5 Gb, D: is 2.04 gb, and both are
fat32.  E: is fat. There is also an extended drive after c:.

I have tryed everything, install Win98 then try to install redhat.  Install
Redhat and then try to install Win98.

Please help.  I really need to get them both to work even if I have to use a
bootdisk for Linux.  I just can't get the installer to work with my


1. big disk problems - or: big-disk problems?

Hi there!

I have really big problems. I try to set up a 45 GB Western Digital
Caviar 450AA (secondary IDE controller, master-drive). I patched my
machine with the recommended patch cluster which also contains patch no.
110202-01 for the ata-drivers. I am able to fdisk the drive with a
geometry file using fdisk with options. I am also able to partition the
disk with the native solaris 8 x86 format tool. I label the disk - fine
so far. But when I try to build a filesystem on it, newfs terminates wih
errors. I afterwards tried to set up a scsi-disk with 4,1 GB (IBM DCAS
34330). The same problem occured: newfs (as well as mkfs with options)
terminated with the following error message:

mkfs: bad value for size: 0 must be between 1024 and 0
mkfs: size reset to default 0
mkfs: bad value for ntrack: 6 must be between 1 and 0
mkfs: ntrack reset to default 16
seek error on sector -1: invalid argument

That's pretty strange, isn't it? I don't know wheter Solaris x86 is that
different from Solaris SPARC edition. Perhaps I'm too dumb to get this
machine working and should put my fingers off Solaris x86 edition.

Could anybody in this world help me? Or has anybody the same problems?
You know - it's just for my collegues: they are now calling me brad...



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