Printing through terminal

Printing through terminal

Post by Visant Dachach » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

 We have installed Slackware'96 onto our Network
and have PC-DOS workstation accessing via Ethernet
by using D-Link TCP/IP Package(Telnet Program).

But we cannot print report from PC-DOS workstation
which directly connected to PC-DOS.

We have tried to use scrip which recommended from
Printing-HOWTO.gz in item 2.11 as list:

#!/bin/csh -f
echo -n \[51 ; cat $* ; echo -n \[4i

But the report file will come out on Treminal only.
Not through to Physical Printer.

Please advise "How to printing through Terminal"

Thanks in advances for the help.



1. Printing thru IBM3151 terminal?

Okidata ML320 connected to EIA port of IBM3151 terminal, who's modem
port is connected via Mux->Modem->9600DedicatedLine->Modem->Mux to a
port on a 16Port RAN box, connected to an RS/6000 running AIX

On this ONE terminal, from time to time, (about once a week) print
jobs sent to the Spool that is directed to this printer *look* like
their printing, but nothing shows up on the printer.  We've swapped
out printers, cables, terminal, even changed the port on the RAN, and
it still seems to follow this one print spool. (Yes, we've deleted and
recreated the spool several times, and removed and reinstalled the
terminal in AIX as well.)  [It acts like when you have a Parallel
printer connected to a PC and the printer connector is half out... the
computer thinks the job has printed, though nothing appeared.]
About the only thing we haven't tried is changing the channel that the
mux's are using, but I figured that since the login sessions are
working without a problem, the mux channels are probably just fine.



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