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sendmail returns all incoming mail (local configuration error) - miscpost.nws [1/1]

Post by Jim Conl » Thu, 17 Aug 1995 04:00:00

My email was working great, untill my domain name came through
an my provider changed my name.  Now all mail is returned with
the errors in my log file []

=smtp, [], stat=Local configuration error
Aug 13 16:39:19 bigbuford sendmail[1214]: QAA01213: QAA01214: return to sender: Local configurat
ion error
Aug 13 16:39:19 bigbuford sendmail[1214]: QAA01214: from=MAILER-DAEMON, size=106, class=0, pri=6

Aug 13 16:39:20 bigbuford sendmail[1217]: QAA01214: to=postmaster, delay=00:00:01, mailer=local,

ler=smtp, [], stat=Sent (QAA14508 Message accepted for del

I have been reading all the docs I can find, and none that I have found has been able
to help me.  Any help will be appreciated.  The email address above is working so I can
be reached here if necissary.

Thanks again


1. Sendmail returns all mail (local configuration error)

My sendmail is returning all incoming mail with an error message of
local configuration error.  It was working fine, until my service
provider changed my domain name.  I know it has to be something simple,
but I just can't find it.  I have changed the hostname, domain name
in every file that used in in the /etc directory.  Can somebody please
tell me where else to look

thanks, jconley

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