I AM A NEWBIE and I CAN GET SOund to work in REDHAT Linux.....

I AM A NEWBIE and I CAN GET SOund to work in REDHAT Linux.....

Post by Mrcut » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Here is the steps to get sound to work under Linux... ( for newbies
like myself)

1. Login Linux as Root
2. Open Terminal Window
3. Type sndconf
4. Select your sound card
5. You are all SET

.........If your sound card is not listed... try the ones that are
similar to it.....( Try all of the sound alvailable there until you
can get it to work.......) BELIEVE me... It will work....
The only Problem is the TIME....


I AM A NEWBIE and I CAN GET SOund to work in REDHAT Linux.....

Post by zeetb » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

try sndconfig


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Dear All

I have installed Caldera 2.3 on an AST advantage 826.  This machine
uses a motherboard mounted cs4232 sound system, not recognized by
Caldera's installation program.  After much hassle I have mangaged to
get this to work by manually configuring it with OSS.  The sound work
in a console window, but when I do soundon in KDE, or do soundon in a
console window and then run KDE the system hands and the only way out
is the on/off switch.

I've checked the FAQ and not found anything helpful.  I've checked the
startkde script as indicated in a couple of recent postings but my
startkde file has no references at all a sound or soundcard file, it
only has exec kaudioserver etc.  I have KDE 1.1.1.

Any help appreciated.


Ian Mckenzie

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