SVGATextMode with S3-964

SVGATextMode with S3-964

Post by Games addi » Tue, 07 Feb 1995 11:14:08


  Has anybody tried the recently released SVGATextMode with
an S3-964? It looks like I've damaged the VGA display card
with SVGATextMode.

  My hardware:
    Asus SP3G with DX2-66
    S3-964 with icd2061a clock chip, AT&T RAMDAC

  Setting up SVGATextMode is simple and it is nice to have
a 100x37 display, that I've been missing since switched to
an S3 964 display card.

  The problem comes when I reboot the machine. When the
bootup process comes to display the Award BIOS logo(switched
to CGA mode??), the Hsync value looked messed up by
SVGATextmode, as a result, part of the screen is folded back
at the left side. A cold boot could not fix this.

  I've to power down and up once to get the display fixed.
But now with the several DOS games that I have tested, there
looks like a permanent damage in the display card. When the
display is switched to a 320x200 mode, some of the pixels
are displayed in a wrong color. In a particular instance,
the screen is supposed to be all black, some random red
pixels are displayed.

  My questions are

  1. With SVGATextMode, is it a necessity to switch back to
the original clock values before rebooting the machine?

  2. Would an incorrect clock during CGA mode(when display the
BIOS logo) cause damage like the above described?

  Any advice much appreciated.