Red Hat 6.0 Linux partition

Red Hat 6.0 Linux partition

Post by bmeso » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi, there,

A lot of discussion about Linux partition here recently so I hope my
question doesn't bore you. I also try to give you the detail of my question,
so it's bit long.

I had a 10G disk on my PII-400 with Win95. It is partitioned into C:, D:,
and E:, each about same size of 3G.

I just bought a new 30G disk. So I installed it as promary slave and changed
the old one as master drive. Use DOS Fdisk, I partitioned the new disk into
3 10G partitions. Some how the primary partition on the new disk was
recognized as D:, so my old D: and E: become E: and F: instead. Now my DOS
Fdisk shows:

                 Disk    Drv   ...   System    Type
(Master)       1
                             C:          FAT32    Pri DOS
                             E:          FAT32    Ext DOS
                             F:          FAT32    Ext DOS
(Slave)         2
                             D:          FAT32    Pri DOS
                             G:          FAT32    Ext DOS
                             H:          FAT32    Ext DOS

Then I try to install Red Hat 6.0 on the new disk (I plan keep the Win95 and
make a dual system machine), but the Disk Druid displays the error message:

Quote:> Fdisk error reading partition table for block device hdb
> error: Partition table corrupt

If I then skip this stage, it only displays info of the old small disk.
So I went back and try Fdisk on the Red Hat. It seems can find both:

Quote:> /dev/hda  - Model WDC AC310100B
> /dev/hdb  - Model WDC WD307AA

So my question is: Is this really something wrong with my disk or it's just
the Red Hat Disk Druid? (I write into the new disk from Win95 and seems all
right). Also, can I install the Linux on the slave drive instead of the
master? I plan to install LILO.

Another related question: I installed Red Hat 6.0 before and it only allows
maximum size 125M swap partition (my PC has 128M memory) so I made 2 125M
swap partitions. Does this make sense or I just wasted 125M disk space (i.e.
can Linux use multiple swap partitions?)

Thanks for all input,


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