Dual Boot RH6.0 w/ NT4.0 LILO vs. boot.ini vs. ???

Dual Boot RH6.0 w/ NT4.0 LILO vs. boot.ini vs. ???

Post by Mark Veerma » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

What is recommended in this scenario.  Dual booting between Linux and
Windows NT 4.0.



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1. error booting RH6.2 from NT4.0 boot.ini

ok, I've done this successfully before with 6.1 and NT

 I re-read the FAQ and searched the net and scanned the newsgroups. I have a
13 gb drive. I installed NT 4.0 w/s sp6a first. I installed NT in the first
2 gb, then skipped 2gb and put ~9gb for my 2nd NT partition. I got NT
working fine.

Then I installed RH 6.2 on the 2gb partition (sector 561). No problem. I
didnt let LILO write the MBR and I did generate a boot floppy. linux boots
fine from the floppy and NT boots just like it did before from the hard
disk. I only created ' /' and '/boot' linux partitions.

then I followed the FAQ instructions for setting up the NT loader to dual
boot with linux (http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/mini/Linux+NT-Loader.html).
This worked before for me.

I peeled off the initial segments of /hda3  /hda5 and from the boot floppy
fd0 and tried all of them in NT boot.ini without success. The images from
the hard drive (hda3 & hda5) do nothing and the image from fd0 prints out
"80 80 80 80"... and whacks the floppy disk drive. It will boot if I pop in
the boot floppy, but that's not the idea.

any ideas as to where to proceed from here would be greatly appreciated.


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