X: Installing a Paradise BALI Western Digital

X: Installing a Paradise BALI Western Digital

Post by tw026.. » Sat, 02 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am desperate. or so.
I'm trying to install my video card for X-windows (X11R6) and it is a
'Paradise Bali 32-bit western digital with 1 mb video card'... I managed
to install it in windows and so, so it ought to work in Linux too i
guess, but I have no specific drivers. I used XF86_VGA16 to get 16 colors
in up to 1024x768, but i sure want at least 256 colours. Maybe even more
(like 16M, which is possible).
When using XF86_SVGA and the chipset "Generic" all i can get is
320x200x256 and that's just if your using X in kindergarten. Then i used
all other chipsets i could think of and they all get a garbaged screen.
When using the chipset 'pvga1' and some of de 'wdXXXX' sets my screen
starts to flicker as hell and when it returns to textmode it keeps on
flickering and i have to shut of my monitor and reboot to get it right
I already thaught it could be my monitor (which is an unknown
Trust-monitor, plain 14-15" thingy..)

I NEED 800x600x256. how do i do this. I have seen and modified XF86Config
TOOOOOOO much. is there a automatic setup? (i know there is one for over
$50 and i more or less liked the idea of linux being free and i don't
want to spend money on a os that causes trouble all the time..) (*up till
here that is*, i liked doom in 320x200x256-x-windows. it was great)

so glad if you could help
greetinx Smoke


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