Why wont it Install?????

Why wont it Install?????

Post by Nick Smi » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 09:31:21

I have an AMD 486 dx2 66 with 8megs and a conner 420mb, a tseng4000
and a run of the mill SVGA monitor, VLB hd/fd controller, SB pro, Mitsumi
single speed and an internal 19,200bps with 16550a UART.
I could create the LINUX boot disk ok, and the color144 and the tty144 disks.
Installation seems to go ok, I've made the swap partition, the Linux native
partition, and I've prepared the swap. It all goes wrong when I run setup.
The color144 disk either crashes imiediately, or scrolls the screen with hex
and error messages so fast, I can't even read it.
The tty144 disk, lets me start installation, it reaches the keyboard
remapping stage, then crashes too.
I noramlly run the machine fast (zero wait states, and everything set to the
max in CMOS), this is fine for dos, but after slowing the machine down, by
setting the auto-cpu detect to ON, this still doesn't help. Suggestions

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