Offical Debian 2.1 CD - no SCSI

Offical Debian 2.1 CD - no SCSI

Post by Ken » Thu, 07 Dec 2000 13:24:02

I am trying to load my "Official" Debian 2.1 CDs but when I boot to
it, it tells me that I have no hard drives installed.  Anyone know why
it would do this?  I have an Adaptec 2930CU with three SCSI drives

Thanks for any input.



1. COMMERCIAL: Offical Debian 1.3 two CD set $4.95, Free to , Debian , Developers


Note that the original party was advertising the "Official Debian" two-CD
set.  This is *different* from making their own CDs, they're using the
officially supplied Debian CD images, which have (since) been announced as
available.  If Debian produced some official images that were 1.3 (rather
than 1.3.1), and announced their availability, how can you say a
manufacturer who starts selling them (with the option of a $5 donation to
Debian, and offering free copies to Debian developers) is doing the wrong

I know there have been problems with CD manufacturers in the past, but I
wouldn't want to see CD manufacturers who appear to be doing the right thing
by Debian (in several ways) being put off by people jumping the gun a bit
and accusing them of things they haven't done.



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