Linux-FT Install problem: hangs after writing superblocks etc on new filesystem

Linux-FT Install problem: hangs after writing superblocks etc on new filesystem

Post by Rache » Sun, 17 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to install Linux-FT on my PC.

75 MHz Pentium, PCI motherboard
C: 520MB drive
D: 1GB drive
E: Toshiba Quad-speed CD ROM

I boot from floppy, no problem.
CD ROM is recognised, no problem.
I partition up the D drive with a Linux partition and a Linux swap
mkfs is run, inodes are created, the final message I get is
"Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done"

Then, the CD light goes on, the hard drive light goes on.
After about 2 minutes, the lights go off, and the system is hung.
CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work, I have to hit the reset button.

Any ideas? Help !



1. RAID problems (long), someone wrote a new superblock on an old raid


I have a little problem here  I was wondering if anyone could help me with.

I went out on a work order yesterday and I ran into something I'm not quite
sure how to deal with.

Basically, someone tripped on a network cable and jerked the network card
out of the PCI bus on a dell linux server, all 4 disks in a raid 5 were
marked bad I believe.

After the raid would not come back up, the administrator upgraded the
superblocks to raid .90 compatible superblocks.  I'm not sure if this worked
and the disks were still marked bad, or if it didn't work, but next the
administrator did a mkraid --force on the partition using the new raidtools.

Currently the box comes up under .90 with all disks complaining of a bad
raid superblock checksum.  I do believe there is a valid .90 superblock
somewhere because mkraid --upgrade says that an upgrade is not required.

My questions:

  Has any of the data on the disk been wiped to make room for the new
    superblock?  ie. does doing a mkraid simply write over the space of
    an old raid superblock, or did the size or the format of the actual
    data on the disk change?

  My thoughts are to write a new .90 valid superblock to the disks and
    see if there is a somewhat valid filesystem left.  Do you agree that
    no additional data would be lost in this circumstance?  If that doesn't
    work then try writing an old superblock and see what the fs looks like.

  Any suggestions on a course of action to take care of this?  The owner
    of this box is considering sending it off to a data reconstruction
    company, anything I do needs to not further compromise any more data.

  Is there a way just recalculate/write checksums on the superblocks so
    the drives look good again?

  Last thing, if a raid superblock checksum is bad on all 4 disks, what was
    likely the cause? Software misconfiguration, or something physical?

Thank you very much for any help.


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