X Server splatters with Riva128

X Server splatters with Riva128

Post by Andre Schinke » Fri, 04 Dec 1998 04:00:00


i have a suse-linux with suses X server.
this supports the riva128. first i used a rivamania card, everything worked.
now i changed the card to elsas victory erazor, which has the same chipset,
but if i move the windows, there is some kind of splatter on the screen..
and its slow...
i guess it may have something to do with the ramdac speed, or?

does anyone of you know?

...-.- andy

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1. Linux RIVA128 Xconfigurator GUIDE v1.4.1 - get your RIVA128 based card to work with X!!

Joffer's Linux RIVA128 Xconfigurator Guide v1.4.1.

This guide helps you with your RIVA128 based videocard, which has been
a bit tricky to get to work under X!

Problems "reviewed":

video in /out

The guide should be easy to read and understand.

what others are saying about this page:

I'd been looking for info on the RIVA128 chipset for a while for a
friend of mine... You're page is perfect for those of us with little to
no knowledge about this kinda thing...
Seeing as its your personal page I figure you don't hear this kinda
thing often, which is a shame. People like you are the reason linux
actually works. Thanks again.


thanks for you homepage which help me install the Nvidia X-Server

-Tungyat Wong

Hi. You saved me! I was just about to give up on Red Hat Linux 5.0 until I
read your guide. Thanks alot!

-Pat Seguin

Just wanted to say thanks for putting up your riva 128 / linux info.  I have
yet to try it, but it looks helpful.  

Too many linux users seem to be of the attitude that if you weren't born with
complete master of linux then you are a useless scum.  I dared to ask about the
Riva128 in Undernet #linux on IRC, and was immediately kicked and told to read
the FAQ (which of course says absolutely NOTHING about the riva 128)

Everyone always says they are willing to help in the irc channels or in the
newsgroups, but as soon as you ask any question you are flamed to high heaven.


Your guide kicks ass.  Indispensable.

-Aaron Picton

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