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Hi Angel,
I had a creative SB16 CD-ROM with an audio card model CT2290 and a
CD-ROM drive model E2550UA.The SB16  CD-ROM was configured as base I/O
address=220H, MIDI port address=330H, Interrupt setting=5, DMA=1, High
DMA=5. During I installed the Linux 6-CD set, it was asked to enter a
module options as shown below.
        IO address, IRQ, label: sbpcd=?????????
        Misc. options: (blank)
I did try all combinations of I/O addresses and IRQs but it does not
works such as 230H, 170H, 300H, ....11, 12,15.... It gave me an error
message " mount failed: Invalid argument" and then "I could not mount
a CD on drive /dev/sbpcd".

Please help if anyone has solved this problem.




1. Problems with SB16 Creative CD220E CD-ROM

A few days ago I've posted a query about my SB16 CD-ROM, which I had
problems installing. Someone pointed out that I should really be using
an IDECD driver as it caters for IDE drives and ATAPI CD-ROMs and it
should detect my CD-ROM. Well, I've tried lots of combinations of
options, someone even suggested that my SB16 has no IDE support, but
it all works from DOS fine (and the CD-ROM is connected to IDE interface
of my SB16 card, not the CREATIVE interface. I've tried to reconnect
my CD-ROM to my IDE card but I think I've really stuffed things up
(I do not have a good manual for this card, it seems like a direct
translation from Chinese - not that I know the language, and it has
2 tiny pages full of numbers, that is all). I've tried to force Lilo
to look harder for HDD=CDROM, it finds there is a secondary IDE device
with IRQ 15, but it cannot recognise it or its address, and later,
when it gets to my fstab settings, the kernel hangs, and the machine
needs to be reset.

I've noticed in drivers/block/README.sbpcd, that a Creative CD200 is
mentioned as a new CD-ROM for which there is no support. Could it be
that my drive, i.e. CD220E is even newer and I'd have to wait for
another year to get anything out of it? Should I invest and buy an
el chipo drive for Linux, while keeping the Creative one to be used
with Windows? Any suggestions?

Jacob L. Cybulski, CS&CE, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Vic 3083, Australia


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