Sound card error: Device or resource busy!

Sound card error: Device or resource busy!

Post by ccla » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

    I have just installed Redhat-6.0 on my FOSA notebook. However,  I
couldn't get the ESS sound card which is sound blaster compatible. When
I use sndconfig, it gives an error message:
                        "sb.o: Device or resource busy"
    I have checked that no IRQ is conflicted. Then I browsed the
homepage: and
    Although, the above message  is disappeared, the new error message
"error open /dev/audio" comes out. And, when I reboot linux, "Loading
midi modules" is FAILED.
    Can anyone give suggestion to me? I really want to solve this
problem because I don't want to give up the sound on Linux.



1. sound card problem: device or resource busy msg

 could anyone specifically solve my sound card problem? my pc
configuration is pentium celeron 300mhz, Terrasound with A3D soundcard
which in manual says compatible with sound blaster pro.
 The problem is while booting the system,the  sound card fail. then in
xterminal i run sndconfig. first ly it can detect any pci or plug and play
card on my motherboard (something like that) then after i choose
sounblaster pro as my sound card  as no terrasound in the menu (actually
after this i try several other soundcard on the menu list but result still
fail) and i got this msg:
 init_module: Device or resource busy.
 sound: Device or resource busy.

That all guys.. really pain when i try some advise but to no success. I
hope somebody out there know the right answer.
pls help.
thank you.

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