startx problem newbie

startx problem newbie

Post by Rodne » Wed, 30 Dec 1998 04:00:00

startx runs perfectly under root but
when i log on as a user i get a blank
x screen, when i go back i see the following message -

The keyboard keymap compiler (xk bcomp) reports:
error:    bad length in geometry
             output file "/var/tmp/" removed
errors from xk bcomp are not fatal to the xserver
couldnt load xkb keymap, falling back to pre-xkb keymap
cant write pid to "/var/lock/news/shlock458", no space left on device
cat: /var/lock/news/lock.inwatch: no such file or directory
in watch: [451] locked by [ ]
ximit: connection to xserver lost

I hope someone can please help me


1. Not a newbie, but with a newbie problem (startx fails error 2)

Gee, I'm embarrassed. I built my whole damn pre-R5 system, had it up and
going with GNOME and everything, and foolishly decided I could rebuild the
install to make a cleaner system.
   Now, I am encountering an early problem I didn't have before. I have
directed my "X" link towards the XFree68_FBDev (which worked before), but
now it fails with error2. I checked the permissions, and have executed it
by itself (X loads fine), but can't firgure out what;s wrong.


S K I N N Y         Michael Greer          


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