kernel question

kernel question

Post by Bill McCart » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 11:04:49


Got a kind of naive question for you kernel smarties. I was looking
around yggdrasil's ftp site and came across a vmlinux file for ver 1.1 -
which I'm running (Summer '94). It is for 1.1.47, so I figured I give it
a shot. I ftp'd it to a subdirectory, chmod and chgrp so it matched my
current vmlinux file in /, dd'd it to a linux formatted floppy and
rebooted with the floppy in fd0.

It started loading, id'd my serial ports okay, and also id'd the
sbpro. When it hit my cd - a matsushita - I got a screenful of I/O
errors, and it hung. I didn't figure this would work at all, but I'm
curious since it booted to a point. Any suggestions?

NOTE: I'm not trying to upgrade the kernel, just trying to see if this
vmlinux will boot my machine. Thanks.

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1. Kernel question and performance question

Hi all,

  I've got a linux box using kernel 2.0.29 with the teardrop patch
installed. This machine is a dedicated web server hooked to the net
through a dedicated line. My web server software is Apache 1.2.4 .
  My first question is, will upgrading to the new 2.0.32 kernel be worth
while? I've seen some misgivings here and there and was wondering what
the general concensus is. No I'm not using RedHat. :)
  My second problem is performance related. After the server is up for
10 to 15 days it seems to just start slowing down, commands take longer
and longer to execute, Apache response times are extremly high and that
sorta thing.
  What could be causing this? free shows plenty of RAM open, usually
around 20 meg on a 64 meg machine. Killing and restarting proccesses
doesn't seem to help. I don't see any zombie proccess lurking around. No
loadable modules, I compile my needed drivers into the kernel, which is
only a few.
  Any ideas? More info needed? Tell me what you need to see to make an
accurate estimation of what the problem might be.

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