REQ: Help needed re: Panasonic CDrom SCSI & TP701. . .

REQ: Help needed re: Panasonic CDrom SCSI & TP701. . .

Post by <larry0.. » Sun, 07 Jul 2002 14:35:39

Hi Folks,
Any help is appreciated!

I've got RH7.1 CD's and I'm trying to install on a Thinkpad 701c with a
Panasonic CDrom* off its pcmcia scsi card.

Near as I can figure, I need qlogic_cs driver.
Where do I get this ?
How do I get it onto a media that the RH install program will "see" ?
AND is this indeed what I need so the boot floppy will work and I can
complete the install from the CD's?


1. Help needed : Adaptec SCSI & CDROM -- FAQ IS NO HELP

I'm at wit's end.

I've downloaded, compiled and installed kernal 1.1.59.  All SCSI setups
are proper.  It mounts my SCSI msdos volume perfectly.  It recognizes
the cdrom drive at bootup.  When you try to mount, you get 15 seconds of
activity on the LED, then it hangs.  Mount is stuck, unkillable, and
your mtab file is stuck too.

All it is is a measly Panasonic CR-532 SCSI CDROM.  DOS works fine.  Lines
in the FAQ like "If it works in DOS, it'll work in Linux" are no great
comfort when in WON'T.

Card is an Adaptec 1520.  Again, the card setups are fine -- the hard drive
mounts *perfectly* ...

Someone *please* figure out what's going on -- I can't.

- Jonathan

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