Why all the pts/0, pts/1, ... on RedHat 7.1 ?

Why all the pts/0, pts/1, ... on RedHat 7.1 ?

Post by ne.. » Thu, 12 Jul 2001 05:36:15

Quote:>Look at the difference between RedHat 7.0 and 7.1 'who' commands.

>What's the purpose of putting out all the pts/0, pts/1, etc.?
>It doesn't give me any additional information when using the
>who command in the customary, usual way.

>Would anyone know how to get 'who' to go back to its RedHat 7.0
>behavior?  Thanks.

> 'who' output RedHat 7.1              'who' output RedHat 7.0

>root     tty1     Jul 10 08:36       root     tty1     Jul 10 07:49
>maint71  tty2     Jul 10 09:22       maint70  tty2     Jul 10 08:01
>root     pts/0    Jul 10 09:15
>root     pts/1    Jul 10 09:15
>root     pts/2    Jul 10 09:16
>maint71  pts/3    Jul 10 09:25

That's because you are using devfs. Disable devfs and you should
be back to the olde behavior.

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