Redhat 5.0 Upgrade Problem: No RPM database exists!

Redhat 5.0 Upgrade Problem: No RPM database exists!

Post by Chad Hurwi » Mon, 02 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I've been through about everything i could try.  I have been sucessfully
installing rpm packages with 4.1 for nearly a year, I have had problems with
a "/bin/bash" dependency conflicy but that was fixed with a new version of

Now i decided to get the redhat 5.0 cd from infomagic and i am unable to
get past the Find instalation files process.  I have encountered two different
errors here, one where it said "install exited abnormally -- recieved signal 11"

this was seemingly solved by the aformentioned rpm upgrade.  Now i get an
error near the same place while upgrading right after the the scsi bus is
scanned and it finds my adaptec 2940 ok.  It sais
"mount failed: Block device required"
and then it says
"No RPM database exists!"

I once thought it was rpm's fault but i would imagine rpm-2.4.10 would be
high enough and that fixed the segfault problem while upgrading, now i
suspect it could be my 2940 which has worked great and still does with my
redhat 4.1. I just don't want to do a full install over the 4.1 partition
and am trying to figure this upgrade problem out, anyone have any clues?


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1. Problem upgrading redhat 5.1 -> 5.2: mount fails, no rpm database...

I'm trying to upgrade to redhat 5.2 via cdrom.

I boot from the CD, and choose the upgrade option. After flashing a
'second stage install' (or somthing similar) message in the lower
right of the screen, it goes looking for installed packages. The disk
spins for 30 seconds and then I get an error message that says:

  mount: no such file or directory

and there's an OK button, which of course i have to accept. i then
immediately get another error, which says 'rpm database not found' (or

then there's no way out. i can't go back and the advanced menu option
just gives me a blue screen that sits there. i've tried rebuilding my
rpm database (this seems to succeed - at least it exits silently), but
i just get the same messages again.

can anyone shed any light on this? what's it trying to mount, and
where? i have a /mnt that looks fine, and i'd have thought my disk was
already mounted seeing as it has gone looking for my existing packages
already, etc.


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