path env var not properly set

path env var not properly set

Post by Rafa Alcantar » Fri, 22 Dec 2000 05:53:47


I've modified my bash startup file ($HOME/.bash_profile) to include the
to the JDK as follows:
I've modified the system startup file (/etc/profile) as well, to read:

When I reboot the system and type:
 echo $PATH
 which java
I can't see any changes (no sbin, no jdk1.3) and java is not found. None
of the
startup files are loaded. Why? Something is setting my $PATH the wrong
way (my
PATH shows some missing kde2 directories...).
I've tried renaming my .bash_profile to .profile, but no way.
However, if I type
 . $HOME/.bash_profile
the new $PATH is loaded.

I wish to know the way to set the $PATH at startup without having to do
it by
hand. I want to know which of the thousands files in my hard disk is
responsible for the $PATH I have.

Thank you for reading this message.


       Rafa Alcntara


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I am trying to reference an environment variable from within an
environment variable.

    echo $"$x"

    gives me $HOME and not /home/paul
    echo $x

    gives me $HOME and not /home/paul

I could write a c program that would use getenv recursively, but it
would me more aesthetically pleasing to use a (simple ?) shell command.
Is there anything I'm missing, or am I attempting the impossible ?

I am using ksh on HP-UX 10.20

Please email any thoughts as well as posting them.  Thanks

Paul Graves

EDS Electronic Commerce
Cheadle, Cheshire, UK

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