Replacing MS Small Business Server 2000 with Linux

Replacing MS Small Business Server 2000 with Linux

Post by Miles K. Forre » Fri, 16 Nov 2001 19:09:46

Has anyone successfully built a server that replaces MS Small Business
Server?  I have a client who bought MS Small Business Server earlier
this year.  After being demolished by the Nimda virus, I was convinced
by a colleague that Linux could do what SBS could.

So out went the NT server and in came Mandrake 8.1.  SBS's main
features include:

1) File/Print Server
2) Faxing software
3) Exchange mail/groupware server

Linux is working great with the File/Print server. However I have
spent an enormous amount of time on HylaFAX (NB- read the HylaFAX
mailing list archives and subscribe to the list - the *best* way to
get help!). Now the customer is very close to scrapping Linux and
going back to Windows because they cannot get their work done.  They
rely heavily on Outlook and shared contacts.

I have read extensively on replacing Outlook address book with LDAP,
however I am just getting into it and it seems very clunky (I have no
prior experience with LDAP, so it may just be me).

Bottom line - can Linux replace MS Exchange server or not?  Should I
migrate back to SBS or continue?  Is Outlook the best client to use or
should I be looking at another way for them to share contact

Thanks in advance,

Miles K. Forrest


1. Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 versus Linux comparison

Hi all,

I just found this on Microsoft's site:

No mention of the publication date, but it appears recent and it is
copyright 2001.

Microsoft again says Linux is more risky. But this is a very impressive
piece of spin:

"The open-source nature of the product means that many Linux deployments are
somewhat unique and custom built with various solution pieces pulled
together. Thus a small-business customer becomes highly reliant on the
technology provider who designs and implements the Linux-based network. If
that technology provider is not available to continue to provide support,
there is not likely to be another provider who can easily step in and have
the knowledge to take over support of that custom-built network."

In other words, Microsoft is now saying don't use Linux because you will
then be tied to a single technology provider! (Newbie alert: this is false).

It's very hard to find new material on Microsoft's site because its search
engine does not allow you to sort by date.


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