virtual webservers

virtual webservers

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Quote:> Can anyone tell me how to configure my www-server ?

Check out
It's very easy.


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virtual webservers

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I guess you can use a virtual host, include in your http.conf something like:



 ... more configuration



> I have a 24hour online connection with a cable modem and a dynamic IP. I'm
> using to have my
> own (sub)domain name. Is it possible to configure my apache webserver to
> host multiple sub domains.
> My domain name is and I would like to have seperate www-sites
> like and
> I use RedHat 6.0 and apache 1.3.

> Can anyone tell me how to configure my www-server ?

> Thnx,

> BlueSky


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    I've inherited a UNIX Apache server for a small ISP and at the
moment I'm trying to work out how to set it up to allow VirtualDomains
to execute CGI scripts. Questions that come to mind are

1) Is this a stupid thing to allow from the point of security
2) I tried using scriptalias in httpd.conf but that didn't seem to work
even after a huphttpd.

Any ideas?



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