PC-TEL HSP56 MicroModem

PC-TEL HSP56 MicroModem

Post by Jerry Ganno » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I've been trying to get the PC-TEL HSP56 MicroModem
to work in RedHat 6.2.  I installed the drivers that
I found on www.o2.net/~gromitkc/winmodem.html
and the module seemed to compile and install correctly
but the modem still does not work.  I continually get
messages in the /var/log/messages file stating something
like "kernel: assign pctel_interrupt".

Has anyone that has had success using the hsp56-linux
drivers run into this problem?




1. HSP56 Micromodem on RH8

I just installed RH8 and i have everything working except my hsp56
im trying to use the pctel-0.9.6 driver for my modem, but when i'm
asked for my kernel source path i dont know where its located.

3) ./configure

Select one of: pct789, cm8738, i8xx, sis, via686a

If you don't have your kernel sources at /usr/src/linux, specifiy
your includes

am i supossed to configure first with the chipset?
./configure --with-hal=cm8738

and then with the kernel? or should i issue everything on the same

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