Installing Linux Redhat onto an IBM 701C thinkpad using a parallel port CD-ROM

Installing Linux Redhat onto an IBM 701C thinkpad using a parallel port CD-ROM

Post by John Roberts » Wed, 04 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Yeah, well the subject line pretty much covers it. I have a Shuttle Technology
EPSA-2 Parallel port  to SCSI CD-Rom drive interface and I have downloaded the
drivers for it epsa.c (.h too) and now what do I do?

Need I install the disc using DOS first, then compile the kernal (how?) to
enable me to continue using the cd-rom or is there an easier method?

Has anyone else set up a Thinkpad 701C for Linux?


The last experience I had with Unix was working a bit with Coherent, but that
was five or more years ago...before cd-roms, and I never compiled a new kernal.

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Thank you very much, bye

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